The positive words of the clients !

Enter The Polymath Album Artwork    Prion Haiyle

Enter The Polymath Album Artwork

Prion Haiyle

Album Art

"Abelard Alexis is the hottest young artist out of NYC. Hands down. Original, inspirational and on top of all of that; an absolute pleasure to work with."

- Prion Haiyle

Debbie Comic  Nancy Scuri

Debbie Comic

Nancy Scuri

Comic Art

“An amazing artist and a pleasure to work with”

- Nancy Scuri

Tamaharian  Shallion Dixon


Shallion Dixon

Character Art

“For years I’ve been writing the character of college aka the wild eagle. I’ve always wanted to see her come to life and Abelard made my vision a reality.”

- Shallion Dixon

Tayus Destiny  S. Daughtry

Tayus Destiny

S. Daughtry

Book Cover Art

“His work speaks for itself. A pleasure to work with. He took my vision and guided me to the destination of my new reality. he is professional and understanding.”

- S. Daughtry

HiiWaze Album Artwork  Phil Phlaymz

HiiWaze Album Artwork

Phil Phlaymz

Album Art

“Abelard Illustrations did a fantastic job on my album cover. i had a vague idea and a few sample photos from google, which was all that was needed to create something that would completely exceed my expectations. bravo!”

- phil phlaymz